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Pregnant Woman in Brown

Maternity Favorites

Trust me, you're going to need these!

Maternity: Headliner

Sleeping & Pillows

Queen Rose Pillow.jpg

Best Maternity Pillow

Queen Rose Full Body Pillow

This can be pretty personal, but most seem to love the Queen Rose Pillow. If you're on the tall side, be sure to select the appropriate size!

Little Chick Wedge Pillow.jpg

Best Belly Pillow

Little Chick London Wedge

When your belly gets too big to comfortably lay on your side, the belly wedge is a must! Whether it's sleeping at night or watching TV on the couch, a little lift does wonders! 
Note: This also works well after baby comes. My little one is still using it at 2 years old!

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion.jpg

Best Pillow for Hip/Back Pain

Everlasting Comfort Wedge

If you're struggling with low back or hip pain, carry this with you everywhere you go! I've used this at home, in an office chair, in the car, even at restaurants! It really helped to take the pressure off and ease pregnancy pains.

Maternity: List

More Coming Soon!

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